Disclaimer: This post is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Medical advice should always be obtained from a qualified medical professional.

1. Listen to your inner voice…it always knows best!

2. Take control of your healthcare! Your doctor knows a lot but it’s always best to explore all your healthcare options, including alternative treatments to be sure that you get optimal and comprehensive care.

3. A holistic medicine practitioner offers women a well-rounded program to ensure the health of mind, body, and spirit.

4. Meditation, aromatherapy, tai chi, visualization, yoga and massage as well as herb and vitamin supplementation can add life to your years by keeping you mentally and physically fit.

5. A woman’s weight, diet, and level of physical activity influence whether or not she develops breast cancer. These are controllable risk factors, which can be modified in the hope of preventing the disease.

6. Overweight women have an increased risk of developing breast cancer. This becomes more likely following menopause. Excess body weight encourages the body to secrete higher levels of estrogen and insulin, which can contribute to cancer growth.

7. Massage does more than feel good. It relieves pain, provides relaxation, and improves sleep. It also strengthens immune function, helps alleviate PMS symptoms, improves mental alertness and clarity and eases headaches and decreases headache frequency. Moreover, it improves appearance of hair and skin, relieves stress, anxiety, fatigue, and depression, and increases and improves circulation in the body. It also eases muscle tightness, knots, aches, pains, and enhances energy and feelings of well-being.

8. Black cohosh, wild yam, licorice, chasteberry and ginseng herbs are widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to alleviate perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms.

9. Phytoestrogen rich foods like alfalfa, almonds, beets, cabbage, cashews, chestnuts, hummus, miso, oats, olive oil, olives, papaya, peas, soybeans, and soy sprouts naturally help menopausal symptoms.

10. Exercise and mind-body activities like meditation, yoga, and tai chi relieve stress and ease menopausal symptoms.

11. Being a super woman is a health concern that threatens you mentally as well as physically. Taking time for yourself is not selfish… it is necessary.

12. When we take time to relax, we allow our bodies to wind down and rest allowing
for physical, mental, and spiritual reparation.

13. Yoga eases anxiety, depression, and stress and brings peace and calm to women looking to significantly boost their wellness.

14. Soy contains molecules that mimic the effects of female estrogen that can help with menopausal hot flashes.

15. For women, strength training is a skill of freedom, power, and control… it gives them a sense of independence and allows them to better themselves both mentally and physically.

16. Meditation serves women in easing chronic pain, reducing anxiety, lowering risk for heart disease and lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

17. Healthy aging begins in a woman’s twenties when she pays attention to lifestyle choices and chooses to make her health and wellbeing a #1 priority.

18. Women who take the time to care of themselves are happier, healthier and have more to give to the ones they love.

19. Women are more likely to die from a heart attack than men are and heart disease is the #1 killer of women… making healthy lifestyle choices and assessing your risk factors is key to prevention.

20. Homemade essential oil skin care remedies are 100% natural options that eliminate the chemicals found in commercial products.

21. Clary sage and eucalyptus essential oils heal dandruff naturally.

22. Chamomile essential oil provides super sheen and softness to hair.

23. Lavender essential oil regenerates skin cells and helps sunspots and scarring.

24. A woman’s emotional health bears a great impact on her physical health and unlike in men, a woman’s emotional state can contribute to heart disease.

25. Women are twice as likely to suffer from depression as men are, though science does not yet know why this is so, experts believe that hormones play a key role. Look for signs of depression, such as difficulty concentrating and making decisions, uncommon fatigue, loss of energy, hopelessness, feelings of guilt and worthlessness, insomnia or sleeping too much, restlessness and irritability and loss of interest in activities you used to enjoy. Loss of interest in sex, overeating, or loss of appetite and body aches are also signs of depression. Headaches, sadness, and feeling empty inside along with suicidal thoughts can occur in depression. If you see these signs, seek professional care to get it under control.

26. Laughter eases stress and stimulates the release of feel good hormones in the brain that improves both physical and mental wellbeing.

27. Never skip breakfast, women who eat breakfast every day weigh less than those who do not, and breakfast starts the energy meter for the day. Choose high fiber foods to fuel your body and keep hunger at bay.

28. Get at least seven hours of sleep every night to live longer and reduce stress, brainpower and memory. Getting sufficient sleep also keeps the body’s hunger mechanism healthy.

29. Stay emotionally well by being aware of and taking care of your needs and desires.

30. Fill your plate with bright colorful foods, like green and red vegetables, they provide essential nutrients, antioxidants and fiber, which helps to manage weight naturally.

31. Oxygen fuels fat burning, so be sure to breathe deeply through the mouth and nose during your workouts.

32. Breath work, like that found in meditation, Qigong, Yoga and Tai Chi helps release stress from the mind, body, and spirit.

33. 10 minutes of high intensity interval training is more effective than 1 hour of traditional cardio.

34. Spinal health plays a key role in our overall health; make sure to work on keeping a straight posture at all times.

35. If your skin is chronically dry you maybe dehydrated, and dehydration causes excessive wrinkles, so drink sufficient amounts of water every day.

36. If monthly fluctuations in mood are so severe that they are affecting your quality of life, and your relationships, you may be suffering from PMDD or premenstrual dysphoric disorder. See your doctor as there are treatments that can help.

37. Don’t settle for a doctor that you do not feel meets your needs; keep searching until you find one that does.

38. Learn to read food labels; this skill can save your life and your waistline.

39. Always leave at least ½ of your dessert on the plate.

40. Keep your relationship with your significant other healthy; make it a priority, no matter how busy you are. When we are happy, and fulfilled emotionally, we are healthier physically.

41. Experts recommend novelty for a healthier sex life. New experiences boost levels of the brain chemical dopamine, which soars desire and satisfaction.

42. Eat more organic fish that is high in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids but low in mercury and PCB contaminants. Wild caught Alaskan salmon, farm raised rainbow trout, and farm raised oysters and bay scallops are good choices.
43. Getting your eyebrows shaped and trimmed can erase years off your face.

44. Learn to identify real hunger versus emotional hunger; yoga can help by teaching you mindfulness.

45. A hot bath with chamomile and lavender essential oil can naturally relieve post workout aches and pains.

46. A daily dose of 1 teaspoon of raw or powered ginger can relive post exercise muscle pain by 25%. Ginger is a versatile food that can be added to salads, stir-fry, and other tasty dishes.

47. Plan your meals and be prepared for oncoming hunger, being famished leads to haphazard eating.

48. Learn the art of positive thinking. It is so effective for the health of mind, body, and spirit that exponentially improves your quality of life.

49. Meditate every day to gain self-awareness, introspection and calm the mind allowing you to better handle stress, and accept life on life’s terms.

50. Fight disease with fresh herbs and spices. Your best choices are Cloves, Cinnamon, Thyme, Sage, Tarragon, Oregano, Garlic, and Turmeric.

51. Get a cholesterol test regularly, heart disease is the #1 killer of women.

52. Calcium helps prevent osteoporosis. Women ages 19 to 50 need 1,000 milligrams daily; this translates to three to four servings of calcium rich foods that need to be taken with vitamin D for absorption.

53. Take your down time as seriously as you do your work.

54. Be social and maintain friendships as these connections are associated with greater longevity, and loneliness is believed to pose a greater risk of heart disease.

55. Limit alcoholic drinks to no more than one per day, to help prevent heart disease, breast cancer and avoid weight gain.

56. Gum disease is linked to an increase for heart disease and diabetes. See your dentist regularly for cleanings and checkups.
57. If you are doing things you don’t want to do just to please someone in your life, like a man, see a qualified therapist. You will be happier and healthier once you learn to live for yourself.

58. 57 million people in the U.S. have prediabetes but don’t know it, getting an A1C test from your doctor can identify if you are at risk for type 2 diabetes. Regular exercise, weight loss and a high fiber, low carb diet can keep blood sugar levels healthy.

59. Keep your stress in check; it increases the risk for heart disease, the #1 killer of women.

60. Broccoli, spinach and other high fiber vegetables can stop cravings for sugar and dessert in their tracks.

61. Having purpose in your life has been shown in studies to reduce risk for cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease.

62. It is never too late to change anything in your life or within yourself that makes you unhappy!

63. Try every single method possible until you find one that allows you to quit smoking!

64. Boxed food is addictive, choose whole real food to boost energy, give the body the nutrients it craves and control weight.
65. Stop dieting, start eating real food in appropriate portions.

66. If your fertility clock is running out, you can freeze your eggs for later.

67. Choose birth control wisely, many methods are available each with their own set of considerations.

68. Sex reduces stress and plays a role in disease prevention, but this is only true when you enjoy it. If dryness or pain is preventing sexual fulfillment, talk to your doctor.

69. Doctors can now use genetic screenings to test for breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and chronic disease risk, talk to your doctor to then consider preventive measures.

70. Women are prone to anemia and symptoms include, brittle nails, thinking hair, sensitivity to cold, headaches, and depression. Get iron from whole foods, like, leafy greens (kale chard and spinach), lentils, tofu, sesame seeds, and navy beans.

71. Stand naked in front of the mirror and say, “I love you.” regularly.

72. Take care of yourself; you are the only one who can.

73. Don’t take responsibility for other people’s feelings or comfort. We are all responsible for our own.

74. Stay independent, learn to rely on yourself.

75. Never fear being alone, you are your own best company!

76. Balance exercises are as important as cardio and weights, especially for healthy aging.

77. Functional fitness serves to make us better in our daily tasks.

78. Find what motivates you to exercise and use it!

79. The Kettlebell Swing is one of the most efficient exercises available and works all major muscle groups, burns fat and makes you strong.

80. Television can distract from the mindfulness necessary for a good workout, especially when strength training. Focus on the moves, and not on the program.

81. Ditch the scale and use a fat caliper and tape measure to assess your body’s fitness.

82. Challenge yourself every time you workout, change it up to keep the body guessing and boost progress.

83. Stop overwhelming yourself in diet, exercise, work, and family. One day at a time is much more accessible than one or two months from now.

84. Family dinners feed yours and your family’s spiritual and emotional health.

85. Never be sorry for being yourself!

86. Look deeper for motivation to stay fit and healthy. Besides wanting a great body, or flossing that hot bikini, how about living a long, healthy life for your kids or spouse and of course for yourself?

87. Portion control is the most important consideration in weight loss because in the end it’s all about crunching the calorie numbers.

88. Surround yourself with healthy, functional people, it will keep you focused and in the right mindset.

89. Focus on each moment of the day, yesterday has passed and tomorrow might never come, all we really have is the moment to find joy, peace, and love.

90. Material possessions can never truly fulfill us. Real fulfillment comes from within.

91. Take a few moments each day to visualize. Imagine a peaceful place to alleviate stress and illicit the relaxation response, or visualize your goals and dreams to make them a reality.

92. Treat yourself as well, as if someone was paying you a million dollars to do so.

93. Turn up the heat in the last few moments of your workout, to give the body a final quick blast of power.

94. Make a list of all the healthy habits you strive for, and then follow it each and every day.

95. Never skip lunch, or else you will over snack in the afternoon or eat too much at dinner.

96. Unplug! Yes, really!

97. Practice acceptance each and every day, it will greatly boost your stress coping skills and is the ultimate life hack tool.

98. Stop starving yourself, your body needs food, the right food in the right portions.

99. Lower or eliminate your sugar intake. Sugar is a drug, and it does nothing good for the body, the less you eat it the better.

100. You are a mom…a wife… a sister… a daughter…an employee…a student…a teacher…and a friend. But don’t forget you are also yourself!