One thing that true Supermoms know is that it’s okay to have a life. No matter what it looks like from the outside, they understand that it’s good to have other areas of life that they pay close attention to.

They don’t give 100% of their energy to their children. For some, this might seem horrible. After all, when we have kids, we have to give everything we’ve got to care for and love them.

It’s true – children do take a huge chunk of our time and energy, and rightly so. They are the loves of our lives and they are a very big deal. But a wise Supermom realizes that unless she has a balanced life, and is taking care of her own physical, mental and spiritual health, she runs the risk of shortchanging her kids.

Empowerment means to give yourself the power and authority to do what you need to do to be good to yourself and your family. It also means that outside influences such as the media and well-meaning friends and relatives can be considered, but not necessarily taken to heart and acted upon.

Again, empowering yourself to be a great mom comes with you making the decisions about what you need to lead a balanced happy life, so that you can be a balanced happy mom.

Some moms have careers that are very important to them and while their kids are also very important, they need to keep that career in order to feel fulfilled. There’s nothing wrong with this. As a mother, the only important thing is to strive to not let the career overtake the necessity of caring properly for the children. If a balance can be reached, the home and family will be happier and more fulfilled.

Some moms seem to neglect self-care when baby comes along. Sometimes this just happens, and that’s okay as long as self-neglect doesn’t become a habit. It’s still important to get exercise and even the occasional trip to the salon for a good cut and style and a pedicure is allowed.

Your physical, emotional and spiritual health is vital, so be sure to care for yourself by eating right, getting exercise, taking time for relaxation and doing the things that make your spirit grow and thrive.

Caring for your personal relationships is still very important, even when you have children. Your partner and you still need to have quality “alone time,” and you still need to spend time with friends and relatives. It’s okay to leave the kids with a good sitter once in awhile so that you can have lunch out, or even slip away for a weekend with your husband. These moments help you keep your connections to the people besides your kids who are important to you and who bring you love, joy and happiness.

Mothering is the ultimate job, but it’s okay to nurture the other areas of your life that are so important to you. You will run into questions about balancing time, your career, and your relationships. You might have moments of guilt. This is all normal.

But when you empower yourself to be the best woman you can be, you are also empowering yourself to be the best mom you can be.

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