So have you decided yet on what your resolutions will be for 2018? No worries if you haven’t because you still have time. Who says you have to always have them completed in January anyway?

Want to know what my resolutions are for 2018? Fine, I’ll tell you and I’m going to admit to all of them smack dab in front of the world!

My resolutions for this year are:

#1 Forgiveness – yes, I said it. Char is a grudge holder and it has not served her well at all! Last year especially, I noticed it’s toll on me and quite honestly, didn’t like what I was feeling. I felt hostile, irritable, had a complaining spirit about EVERYTHING from how I was treated as a child, crazy siblings, past hurts, spouse issues, work situations gone wrong, etc – all things that have bothered me and kept me from moving forward because I tend to focus on what went wrong and what should have happened. I struggle with believing that forgiveness is about you and not the offender because let’s face it – it DOES feel like I’m letting them off the hook by forgiving.

Because of that mindset, I’ve never allowed myself to work through the feelings, allowed the feelings to motivate me to action or chosen to learn from my pain instead of allowing it to weigh me down. I never saw how some of those situations made me the person I am today – stronger, compassionate, empathetic, and determined to achieve my goals. So this year – Forgiveness has to take the #1 spot! I’ve made a list (yes, I have one with people’s name’s on it because I don’t want to miss anyone and I like to be organized – no judgment please).

I need peace of mind at long last. So it’s time to move on!

#2 Tend to My Own Business! Yes, I have a problem with this. No, not the kind of busybody that butts into everyone’s life, spreading gossip and sharing all the “extra, extra” tidbits I can find. My problem is that I worry about what everyone else is doing and what they need to do or change to be happier. I’m no expert but you know why I do this – because then I don’t have to think about myself.

Not sure why I went this way last year – okay, I really do and it was because I was unsure about what direction to take in my own life and I didn’t have a support system to help me figure it out. I was confused and angry that the support system I have to rely on seems to feel threatened when my goals are different from his and I needed to schedule a come to Jesus meeting with nothing but honesty as our special guest!

Other people’s affairs worked as a wonderful distraction.

I know it’s time for a major life overhaul and for me to start working toward MY goals without fear. I’ve spent most of life stamping my needs down for everyone else and their ego and that does not have the makings of a very nice Char!

So in 2018, I’ll be protecting my emotional and mental energy by tending to my own business, stop allowing other people to distract me so I put off a necessary decision, and choose to work on goals and resolutions that inspire my spirit to soar.

#3 Use My Time Wisely – I know better time management is a new year resolution staple but I mean it this time. Yes, some of this goal will involve actual things I’ll do to manage time like setting routines and getting organized. But there are other things I am doing that really, really waste time – the mental ways I waste time each day like:

Spending lots of time reliving offenses and reviewing all that’s wrong and why it should be right. Also, why no one seems to notice or do anything about it.

Daydreaming about all I could have, what I’ve given up and my new shiny convertible that will impress people.

Wasting time on people who just want to use my time, call only when they need something and are always complaining about something or updating me on the latest “wrong” or co-worker tidbit to be heard.

Oh yeah, this one definitely belongs on the resolutions list for 2018!

Naturally, there are many, many more resolutions that I plan to shoot for (going back to school, revamping or eliminating a few business pursuits, starting a new venture, etc.) and many of them will happen naturally once I tackle my top three.

But we’ll start with these for now and I’ll update you throughout the year as things progress.

Now it’s your turn to share your resolutions with me for 2018. Leave me a comment below…

To Your Beauty and Balance…